Why do we do the jobs that we do?

I was at a birthday party recently and there we many successful people there. I was quite
astounded by the number of Rolexes that were on show and the number of private number
plates that were in the carpark.
Everyone seemed very happy at the start of the night and all of us “successful people” were
having a great time.
However, as the night progressed and more alcohol was consumed, you could notice the
cracks in the façade. Not everyone was as truly happy as they had first made out.
I love to speak with people, and over the course of the night, most of the people I spoke
with were going through some sort of issue, either large or small.
We put this down to the issues of life, the issues of day to day living, “this is just the norm”,
and so on. Is that really the case though, or have we swapped doing and getting things for
At one point in the night, I was discussing giving up my corporate career to help people and
to be in service to people.
The discussion from everyone else was along the lines of, how are you going to make any
money, what are you going to do for your pension, why would you give up a successful
career to do this, and generally we think although it’s a nice thing to do, you haven’t
thought it through.
I did explain that it makes me happy, feel fulfilled, and money will come. This was met with
a mixture of “This makes no sense”, “I admire your conviction, but I couldn’t take the pay
cut”, and “How are you going to make any money?”
What I took from this was quite clearly that we have collectively either elevated money
above happiness or equated money with happiness.
What I also took from the night is that we will spend more and more time acquiring more
and more money, so that we can try and find happiness.
Or we can just do something that makes us happy.
This party was a real eye opener for me. We as humans will do everything in our power to
find new ways of finding happiness instead of just doing what makes us happy.
What is blocking most of us from doing what makes us happy? Our thoughts about money!
So why not just be happy.
If anyone reading this is putting off doing something they love because of thoughts around
money, please go to www.thesej.co.uk as the SEJ is process that will enable you to question
these thoughts that you are having and dissolve them.
We should all be happy, and we should all be joyful.

Live in joy

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