Whose responsibility is it to support people with mental health in the workplace?

Here at the SEJ we provide a solution focused process to enable everyone to reach their full potential, whether they are individuals, businesses, or educational settings. The SEJ Process also supports everyone to maintain positive mental health.

This means that wherever you are, you can be empowered and supported to maintain positive mental health. This now brings me to the question posed in the title of this post.

Many businesses will look to support people in the workplace with mental health concerns but many people that I speak to still think that it is up to the individual to seek help, especially if the issue is not work related and is to do with something happening in their personal life.

Sadly, I am hearing far more regularly than I used to about people suffering with depression and even taking their own lives because they can cope with issues at work or issues in their home that they bring to work. In most instances people around them don’t know or didn’t know that they were suffering.

This is why I am so passionate about the SEJ, because it offers the ability to help everyone in every environment.

When it’s taught in businesses it enables everyone to know how to manage their own mental health, so even if they don’t ask for help, they don’t have to as they have a way of helping themselves. We also offer business the option to support their employees’ families so that we can help address issues that maybe occurring outside of the workplace, but which may have an effect in the workplace.

The answer to the question is that everyone is responsible to support people with mental health issues in the workplace – that’s why we share the SEJ with businesses so that employees can support themselves, with the businesses so that the businesses can support their employees, with their families so that their families can support them.

Most importantly we share the SEJ into education settings so that pupils and students know how to support their own mental health before they get to the workplace.

To find out more about how the SEJ can support you or your business go to www.thesej-business.co.uk

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