I often get asked ‘what is the best path for me?’ Some people are asking because they are searching for happiness,
others security, even enlightenment. I say to them, whatever path you take, take it fully, without reservation, and
keep going no matter what.
Recently I have been sharing with my students’ other ‘teachers’ teachings. I have been sharing the truths of other
teachers for one reason only, to appease their minds (ego). That they may see we are all teaching the same truth,
simply offering different paths to that same truth. Maybe in seeing the teachings are all the same they will stop
looking for someone or something to fix them and become dedicated on their chosen path, to realise they are the
one they have always been looking for.
I offer the SEJ, Sadhguru offers yoga, Byron Katie ‘The Work’, Eckhart Tolle ‘The Power of Now’. The list goes on, but
one thing is true of all. Each path comes from Truth therefore each path has the power to take you ‘all the way’. If
you swap from teacher to teacher, and teaching to teaching, it is because you’re still searching for the way, not
seeing the paths that have been presented to you, and most importantly still looking for something or someone to
‘fix’ you.
It matters not which path you take; it matters only that you walk it with commitment, respect, focused dedication
and with personal responsibility.
Do not for a minute think that one path will only take you so far and then move onto another. Instead realise that if
all the teachings are the same, all come from Truth, then why would Truth (Source) limit one path? They would not.
If you have reached the end of a path it is for one reason only, you have limited you, you have decided it will only, or
has only taken you so far. 
You may have stopped or changed path when you experienced in the teacher or the works of the teacher a
projection of ‘self’ that you’ve yet to own. One that would cause you to change path. And so, you divert and start
again on another path (taking with you that limited ‘self’) because you are still looking for the ‘one’ who has the
answers. You are still looking outside of you and believing in an image of the ‘one’ outside of you.
You can spend a lifetime trying different paths, taking all kind of diversions and supposed ‘short cuts’. But what if the
path for you has been in front of you all along? What if this path now is THE short cut for you? A path that on a
deeper level was always the best fit for you? 
Does diverting take away the truth from another path, absolutely not, but what it may have done is took the truth
away from your path.
You are the one you have always been looking for, the path is simply the path. The rest is just a story.

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