In life I believe one of the most important driving factors is “why”, “why” are we doing
something. This why, becomes the driving force that enables us to overcome the barriers
that may stop us doing something.
For example, if we look at learning to drive. Learning to drive is not the why, it is just the
overall outcome, the goal.
Why we want to learn to drive is normally a reason such as “It will give me freedom”, “I no
longer have to rely on my parents”, “I will feel like a real adult”, “I will look cool” and many
other reasons like this.
So therefore, the focus, the “why” is the driving force that pushes us to pass our test or go
again if we fail the first time.
The “why” becomes so important as it enables us to overcome the barriers and the
thoughts that limit us.
There are however times when even though we have this strong “why” to drive us, we will
hit barriers, and experience limiting beliefs that might slow us down.
This is where we use the SEJ Process. A Process that enables us to question these thoughts
that are acting as barriers.
Using the SEJ Process we dissolve these limiting beliefs and will move faster to our goal.
A strong “why” and using the SEJ is a very powerful combination.
For more information on this process, you can find out everything at
Live in joy

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