What is true intelligence

According to the internet one of the definitions of intelligence is ‘the ability to learn, understand, and make judgments or have opinions that are based on reason’. Another one defines it as 1) the ability to learn or understand or to deal with new or trying situations: 2) the ability to apply knowledge to manipulate one’s environment or to think abstractly as measured by objective criteria (such as tests).

Many of you may have also seen this oft-quoted message from Einstein.

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But is this all there is to life? What about living in joy and enjoying all the beauty that life brings? I have met and worked with so many people who are highly intelligent according to the definitions above but are highly stressed for most of their lives. Is THIS an intelligent way to live? When I was young, I had never heard any of my friends saying they were stressed, yet I hear about how ‘stressed’ children and young people are these days and wonder what’s gone wrong? Are we asking them to climb a tree when they have no means to do so and worse making a judgement based on their ability?

I may have high academic achievements and am considered intelligent, but I was not living in joy. One of the main reasons why I embarked on my own SEJourney was because I no longer wanted to be suffering from feeling stressed; furthermore, I saw the ripple effect this was having on everyone around me especially my children and the students I teach. I had not been practicing the SEJ process very long when I recall very vividly what my son said “Mama, you don’t shout at us anymore”! This was a revelation and one of the turning points on my SEJourney. Now I am pleased to tell you that I am not ‘stressed’; even better if I feel anything less than joy or happiness, I have the simple yet powerful tool to change that.

There is much more to us than academic intelligence. The ability to recall facts and information is important and our mind works brilliantly in doing so; but we made our mind the king. A true intelligence is to live from joy and reaching our full potential in every moment of every day. The SEJ gives us the structured framework to access this higher intelligence.  The one who has that gift can climb any tree they wish, empowered that they would even choose not to do that!

Dr M Howard-Kishi

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