What is success?

This is a very interesting question, as I don’t think it has a single answer. If you ask a range of
people, you will get a range of answers; from having lots of money and a big house through
to spending more time with the family. In between these 2, you will probably have other
answers such as “Having a number one album”, “Owning my own business”, “Making my
first million’, “Seeing my children go to University.”

We obviously have a range of answers because there are many different ideas of what
success means. What most people have in common is the view that once they are successful
their life will be so much better, happier, and more fun.

This really got me pondering, as especially in the developed world we view happiness,
contentment and joy as something that comes with success. I think we’ve got this back to
front, as what happens if your record only gets to number 2 in the charts, or you end up in a
3 bedroom house and not the 6 bedroom home in the country that comes with success?
Not everyone, but many people will then feel they’ve not been successful and therefore
won’t feel truly happy.
Why is it that we think success brings happiness, and that we can only be truly happy if we
are successful?

If this were true everyone with money and fame and power would be happy. If this were
true no millionaires, business owners, number 1 artists, or famous people would have drink
or drug problems, or sadly take their own lives.
Why don’t we put the pursuit of happiness first?
What if we found happiness in our lives right now and then everything else is a bonus? Then
whether I get to number 1 in the charts, number 2 in the charts, or number 154, I’m still
happy. Our happiness is no longer dependant on outside events.
“Now come on Elliot you are clutching at straws here, surely success brings happiness”
Well, no, because a lot of people out there believe that once they are rich, or get the
promotion, or get the new car, or become famous, or win the lottery, all their problems will
be solved. How long does happiness last once you get the new car/job/house etc. How
many lottery winners end up unhappy?
Happiness and joy come first, and then whatever happens in your life you will remain
The real irony of this is that once you are happy and in joy you will attract the new job, the
new house, the right relationships.

What is stopping us from being happy? It’s not the outside events, good or bad. It’s our
thoughts about the outside events.
Apply the SEJ process to your thoughts and you will automatically move to a place of
happiness and joy.
Who doesn’t want to be happy?

Live in joy

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