There are many definitions of stress, and if we were to ask a large group of people, we would probably get a range of different answers. The reason for this, I believe is that a “stressful” situation can mean different things for many of us.

For example, some people find busy, complicated jobs stressful. Whereas other people thrive in this environment and would get stressed if you gave them a slower paced more mundane job. Stress means different things to different people.

It also, I believe depends on the situation. For many of us, as hot bath after a long day is an amazing way to destress. However, if we were in the middle of a heatwave a hot bath maybe stressful to many people.

The point is stress is not necessarily the situation but the thoughts that we have about the situation.

This is what the SEJ is for – a tool to enable us to question every thought that we have.

The SEJ is a wonderful process that WILL help you with stress.

I encourage you to sign up for our FREE introduction where we explain in more detail how we can support you.

There is nothing to lose as the session is completely FREE, and you have so much to gain as you can become stress FREE.

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Here’s to living in joy.

Live in joy


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