Simply put, joy is our natural state, it is who we are!
Think back to when we were children, we ran around all day in joy.
Have you ever seen a children’s birthday party where everyone is running around having
fun, in joy? The only time the children stop is if someone has been horrible, or if they need a
quick pitstop of a sandwich, jelly, and ice-cream.
All of the children are in joy. They don’t need energy drinks, alcohol, drugs, steroids, or anti-
depressants, for their confidence, energy levels, or to help them have fun?
They aren’t interested in what political party you voted for at the last election, what sports
team you support, the car you drive, or the job you do.
All they are interested in is, are you nice or are you horrible.
It is only as we become adults with our oh-so important lives and jobs, that we put so many
conditions on being joyful. Many adults then need a range of crutches to support them with
their nerves, confidence, energy levels, anxiety, mental health and so on.
We’ve forgotten how to be joyful!
All that is stopping us is the thoughts that believe. The thoughts about our lives, jobs,
relationships, and ourselves.
All we need to do is become aware of these thoughts that keep us from experiencing joy
and dissolve them. We do this by using a process called the Self-Empowerment Journey, or
SEJ for short.
It is easy to learn – children as young as 7 have learnt it and used it.
If you’d like to get back to being joyful, and to be honest, who wouldn’t, you can find out
about the SEJ for FREE at
The founder of the SEJ kindly shared a blog with me from Sadhguru, where he talks about
how life becomes effortless when we are in joy.
Joy is our natural state, and when we are in joy everything is effortless. It is only when we
start to get in the way that we make our own lives less than joyful and more of an effort.
Let’s live in joy!
If there is anything stopping you from feeling joy, just use the SEJ Process.
Live in joy

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