What is Corporate Social Responsibility and what does it mean?

As someone who spent over 25 years of their life in corporate environments, Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR was something that I was always aware of but didn’t really fully understand it’s importance.

According to Wikipedia, “Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a form of international private business self-regulation which aims to contribute to societal goals of a philanthropic, activist, or charitable nature by engaging in or supporting volunteering or ethically-oriented practices”

It’s a way for businesses to give back to their local community and generally make the world a much better place, which I think we all agree is a really wonderful thing. I always understood this part of CSR and this made complete sense.

The part that I didn’t fully realise at the time was the importance to the business itself of being involved in CSR.

Businesses that are seen to be actively involved in CSR have a better chance of hiring and retaining employees. Deloitte’s 2021 Millennial and Gen Z Survey, the modern workforce prioritizes culture, diversity, and high impact over financial benefits. An estimated 44% of millennials and 49% of Gen Zers rely on their personal ethics in determining the type of work and companies they’d join.

It improves what customers think of your business and your brand.  Every fortune 500 company will have some sort of CSR policy on their website, and most small and medium businesses will be doing some sort of activity in their local community.

CSR will increase your businesses appeal to investors. https://www.businessnewsdaily.com/ ran a recent article recommending that companies actively promote their CSR reports and metrics.

From all of this it is clear that CSR has benefits to the business and to the wider world. There are many things that a business can do to support their CSR strategy.

Here at the SEJ we offer services to help businesses with their performance, customer service, and to support them with improving the mental health of their employees. We call this The SEJ for Business and you can find out all about it here https://thesej.co.uk/business-services/

The reason I’m sharing this with you is this – The SEJ ultimately is simple to learn and simple to use process that enables all of to reach our full potential. The SEJ Process helps us identify the thoughts that we have that make us sad, anxious, depressed, scared, and get in the way of each of us shining our light.

In the words of John Lennon – Imagine a world…… Where we can teach the SEJ to children at school so they learn a way to prevent them being stressed, unhappy, anxious, depressed.

Our own reseach shows “the majority of students (65%) had no coping mechanism at the average age of 18, it shows that primary, secondary schools, and parents/carers are failing to teach coping mechanisms. In learning the SEJ you will see that by the age of 18 limiting beliefs and behaviours are more embedded and therefore more difficult for the individual to be aware of and resolve, although not impossible. We can therefore see the value of teaching the SEJ at both primary and secondary school, with a holistic approach to include all staff, students, and parents/carers at the setting.”

When a business takes on the SEJ services to support their business we can offer the option of the business being able to sponsor a local education setting.

This way the business can really give back. Giving back in a way that together we help children to grow up learning a process that will help them reach their full potential and be free of anxiety, sadness, and mental health issues that are sadly more and more common place in children today.

We make the world a better place, while at the same time helping meet our businesses CSR aims. A win -win for everyone.

If you are a business contact us today and find out more about how we can help you, and how you can help give back.

Live in joy


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