What is being in service?

One of my colleagues said such a simple but profound comment last week that I’ve decided
to make it the subject of this blog.
She was putting together a presentation and was running into some blocks around the
content when she practiced the SEJ on the thoughts that she was having.
Where she was originally focused on what “she” needed to put into the presentation for it
to be effective, she came to the realisation of ‘what do the audience need to hear. What is
the message that will be most helpful for them’?
In an instant my colleague moved from a place of thinking about herself to being in a place
of service to her audience. The outcome was a presentation that was not only perfect for
what was needed, but a presentation that she was able to write with no hesitation.
When we are in service to others, that is when we get out of our own way. We drop the
thoughts and patterns that limit us because it is no longer about us.
It is also common sense. In any business if you are providing a product or service, shouldn’t
your message be less around what YOU think your message should be, and more around
what your customer’s need?
This is why businesses spend billions each year on customer research.
When you are fully focused on helping and supporting other people; when you are fully in
service to other people this is where the real magic happens.
The only thing that stops many of us from being in service are the thoughts that we have.
When we are focused on our thoughts, we are focused on ourselves, and we stop being in
We can question these thoughts, and we can in effect, get out of our own way. This is where
the SEJ comes in.
You can find out what the SEJ Process is, and how it can help you for FREE at
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Live in joy

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