What do I do if I feel overcome with grief?

This a blog that continues the series that I’m writing on grief. From my previous blogs you
are aware that I lost my Dad to cancer about 6 weeks ago. My previous blog can be found at
I’ve talked about how when my mum passed away about 16 years ago that it hit me hard,
and how this time around after practicing the SEJ, the process of grief has been so much
easier and at times even joyful.

This weekend I had a bit of “blip” and grief did hit me, and in the age-old fashion that we
sometimes do (Especially us Brits) I thought a drink might help. I went a bit over the top as I
had more than one drink and spent the next day feeling even more down and going through
the thoughts of how I’ve let myself and everyone around me down. The amazing healing
powers of alcohol right! When my mum died this would definitely have been the catalyst for
the downward cycle of grief and more drinking.

This time however, after the hangover wore off, I practiced the SEJ on the thoughts that I
This morning I woke up with renewed vigour, a sense of purpose and not consumed by grief
and doubt.

I learned a few things – That we all have those days when we think we are doing great, and
sometimes we are just blind-sided by the grieving process.
The other is the reminder that even with an experience as strong and intense as grief, you
don’t need to stay there.

The SEJ has helped me so much over the last 6 weeks, but more so over the weekend. I’m
back on track and although I went into grief, I didn’t stay there.
The final thing is that alcohol is no longer going to be a part of my life, I don’t need it, don’t
want it, and more importantly it takes me away from the truth of who I am – Joy!

If you are or have suffered with grief and need some support or know of someone who
needs support. The SEJ is a process that will help you with grief.
You can start the process of understanding the SEJ for Free – just go to https://thesej.co.uk/
to find out more.
You are all joy at your core, so let’s get back there.

Live in joy

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