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On this page you will find more information on the options that are available for those who wish to begin a career using the SEJ Process.

SEJ Consultant

“Becoming a qualified SEJ Consultant is both liberating for yourself and the client.”

Jacqueline Mary Phillips

​During the training you will be taught the skills required to guide others through the SEJ Process on a one to one basis. You must qualify at Practitioner level before moving onto Consultant Training. They can be taught simultaneously.

​This training is not just for those who wish to work with clients, it is especially useful to parents / carers, and educators in giving children and young people the skills needed to navigate through life with ease and purpose. It is for those who wish to take their personal use of the SEJ a step further whilst supporting anyone and everyone around them, whether they are paying clients, family, friends, or colleagues.

​This is not a therapy, nor is it a substitute for psychological treatment. As an SEJ Consultant you are simply guiding the client into their own journey of self-enquiry. The ‘client’ does the work you simply show them how.

SEJ Trainer

“Sharing what you know, when it can help others, in turn helps yourself.”

Jacqueline Mary Phillips​

​This is a very powerful training which is bespoke in nature. It is only for those who wish to take their understanding of the SEJ to a deeper level. 

As an SEJ Trainer you will have access to various training videos and materials to share with your audience. Your role will be to use the videos and materials to help your audience understand the SEJ Process so they can begin to use it in their daily lives.  

You will be required to evidence your own SEJourney to-date.

​Applicants are required to attend an interview.


​CPD’s are free with Trainer Membership


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