Too busy for life or too busy for the SEJ?

Story: I would like to share with you an experience with the SEJ that I had when I was told by a student ‘You are too busy to speak with me’ and I had a reaction. I had such a powerful experience with the transformative power of the SEJ process and I would like to share that with you in more detail.

The situation was that a female student came in unexpectedly one morning to speak with me. She told me that she has been emailing but I had not replied to her. She came in rather flustered and clearly in an agitated state. She started talking to me quickly and animatedly, but I didn’t catch all that was said to me.  In the middle of what she was saying she said, ‘You are too busy to speak with me’. Well, I heard that very clearly and boy did I chastise her for saying that. However, as I became increasingly aware of my tone of voice and the irritation within me, I decided to do 2 things:

  1. To stop and listen to her so the matter could be resolved for her
  2. To do the SEJ process as soon as possible.

We discussed how the matter could be resolved, she explained what happened, so I understood. I made some phone calls so administrative staff could process the request she was making. She is now attending classes regularly and is fully engaged with the course. That part was the easy part.

The SEJ process turned out to be one of the best examples of the transformative power of the SEJ process.

I have learnt through training that being honest and authentic during step 1 is crucial for the SEJ process to be effective and I took the time to write down all the thoughts I had during the conversation such as ‘what do you want?’ ‘how dare you say I’m too busy’ ‘… of course I’m busy I have a lot to do’. It then dawned on me that ‘I’m too busy…’ is something I hear myself saying, but also many parents/teachers say that to their children or pupils/students!

Once I did the SEJ process and got to step 3 with evidencing, the truth was revealed more and more. The truth was she was perfectly right to say that to me. I believed I was right to be angry with her because she said something against me. I was angry with her because she was truthful and honest and I wasn’t. In truth I was angry with myself. Now I understand it was my error. She was being honest and pointed out something; it triggered a button in me because I didn’t like the fact that she dared to point something that I hadn’t spotted or accepted in myself that was what made me cross. I was cross with myself, (not her), for not daring to accept that I did not take my responsibility….

Once this was revealed to me it was as if a light bulb had come on and I could clearly see what the TRUTH of the situation was.  I carried on writing out the new evidence and the more I revelled in the truth the more heightened my awareness became, at step 4 there was no energy in the old story as if it never existed i.e. I was free. It was like I was now in a different reality.  It’s not that we are too busy with life, we are too busy to do the SEJ but after this experience I am now questioning that. If this article resonates with you, please ask yourself the same question and experience the freedom from living a limiting life to a limitless life.

I would like to leave you here with one of Marys powerful quotes:

When you are lost in your mind it doesn’t matter what anyone says to you, you won’t hear them. Only when you choose to question, not only mind, but what you believe to be your inspiration will you be free

Jacqueline Mary Phillips

A powerful truth you too will experience when you practice the SEJ.

Dr M Howard-Kishi

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