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The SELF Empowerment Journey

The SEJ is a process that once learnt and practiced will relieve you of your suffering, finding freedom from fearful thoughts and painful emotions. Sustained fearful thoughts and painful emotions can cause stress and mental health issues which can lead to physical pain and disease; stress can become a way of life. The SEJ shows you that empowerment can equally become a way of life, and that the choice is yours. As all suffering begins and ends in the mind, freedom from suffering can only come if we understand how to work with the mind. 

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The SEJ process gives you the tools to find freedom from suffering. It is simple and easy to use, understood and practiced by children and adults alike. 

“Self Empowerment is the realisation of the True Self beyond the mind. This realisation puts you in touch with a Self that is free of limitations, free of fearful thoughts and painful emotions, free to respond to life rather than react, free to reach your full potential. The Self Empowerment Journey – SEJ is a process that takes you to this realisation .”​

Jacqueline Mary Phillips


Kingston University provides independent research and data on the SEJ

Kingston University, looking to support students during their transition to university chose to integrate the SEJ into the curriculum. Over a two year period data was collected to prove the effectiveness of the SEJ Process, enabling students to reach their full potential, show resilience, and become self empowered.

The pie chart  above shows the feedback from the most recent cohort indicating the 3 greatest areas of concern for students which the SEJ gave 100% improvement in.


The research data shows a 100% success rate in improving students’ experiences of student life, addressing successfully stressful thoughts and areas of concern after learning and practicing the SEJ Process.

This is based upon students who fully partook in the survey.

“The simplicity of the SEJ is the key to its success, and so the training and implementation is also simple. Your only task is to stick to the process completely. Do not look to over-complicate the training or seek more, but rather practice that which is given and let its power reveal itself to you”.


I cannot separate myself from the SEJ as it was originally my own experiences of suffering that brought the SEJ into being. The SEJ evolved naturally through me as I woke up to life, and has since become a process that anyone and any profession can work with. This process has been developed and implemented successfully for professionals, individuals and corporations for over 24 years.

My suffering began in my late twenties when I became severely depressed and diagnosed with PTSD, although looking back I realised that I had suffered with depression from the age of fourteen. It was in my late twenties when I had an awakening. Until this point as society would deem it, I had a perfect life. I was a professional business woman highly successful in my field, married to an equally successful businessman, we travelled, owned our own home, with an active social life and standing within the community. I appeared to have it all. After a car accident whilst at work life brought me to a standstill. I was left only with myself, and in this, the opportunity was given for me to ‘wake up’. From that moment onward depression for me became a thing of the past.

Where We Are Going


“To share in the awareness that there is a deeper dimension of Truth within each one of us. Once this Truth is realised, we are able to live as conscious human beings, SELF Empowered with the end of psychological suffering.”


Process Introduction

30 minutes of Online Instruction:

The SEJ is a Psychoeducational solution focused process that supports individuals in reaching their full potential. It has also been successfully used for the past 25 years as a preventative mental health measure, as well as addressing current and ongoing mental health issues. 

Learn the Process with Jacqueline Mary. For anyone looking to be empowered in all areas of life: relationships, studies, career, finances, physical and mental health, and more.


What People Say

  • “Jacqueline and the Process have undoubtedly helped me feel the most in control of my mind and mental health in my life. Her sessions were full of joy and really helped me cut straight to the core of why I carried out certain patterns of behaviour and thought. I feel completely renewed and ready to take on life again!”

    H Brown
  • “…an amazing, valuable and essential resource in supporting us with vulnerable pupils and enabling us to provide early intervention…, has enabled pupils to develop strategies and resilience to cope with issues that are causing anxiety in their emotional lives.”

    Primary School SENCo
  • “The SEJ takes you away from fear, and drama into a place of simple straight forward personal problem solving. The only scary / difficult thing is that it is so simple. From a world of negativity, repeating bad behaviours and pain, you can and will change your life forever.”

  • “I have been using the SEJ process for a health issue that caused immense pain and stiffness in my muscles. I became tired and depressed whilst taking steroids. With the SEJ process in no time, I had stopped taking the steroids, and have been free of them for over 2 years. Using the SEJ process has made a profound change in my life.  I have never felt better.”

    C. Blakemore
  • “I can access my own solutions to my own ‘problems’ immediately. This was a truly empowering realisation since I am not dependent on the availability of ‘expert’ assistance and I did not need to wait to end my ‘suffering’.” 

    Dr M. Kishi
  • “I have applied the SEJ in all sorts of life situations including physical pain and financial worries; it healed relationships particularly with my immediate family. The SEJ has fundamentally changed the way I experience life.” 

    Dr M. Kishi