The power of silence in a classroom

In this short blog, I would like to share my experience about the power of the silence in the classroom.

If you are a practitioner of the SEJ Process, you know that we are asked to sit in silence for the truth to arise. This becomes meditative and as you become accustomed to being in this silence, it gradually becomes a daily practice/experience (that is what I aim for!).

Recently there was an occasion where after a lecture had finished a student came up asking if we could chat. I had not met this student before, and I had no clue what it was about. By looking at her face though, I realised that she had been holding onto her emotions trying not to show it.  In the session, I touched about feeling the emotion and letting it be, as there was a moment, I had showed sadness during the class but did not hide it, rather I accepted and responded by allowing it to be there.

In my pre-SEJ practitioner days, I would have immediately launched into trying to fix whatever it was she brought to my attention. I was aware that part of me wanted to start talking but this day I did not. I sat in silence facing this young vulnerable looking person in front of me. She spoke quietly saying that she was glad to hear that it’s OK to feel sad/angry and asked if she could cry. I asked her if she wanted a hug and she said yes. We sat in total silence her softly weeping and me gently holding her in utter silence. After a while she stopped crying and thanked me, she said that she felt a sense of release and that she wanted to take time to sit by herself and be at peace with her situation.

Afterwards I reflected how silence was far more powerful and loving than anything I could have possibly said to her. I had no idea what it was about, and I did not need to know or even fix it. I was there as a witness to her emotion working through her system and her releasing it. It was a privilege to be there, to experience and sharing the power of silence in her presence.  Without doubt the SEJ practice had allowed me to experience and share this moment with her.

I would like to leave you with one of Marys powerful quote and Youtube video on silence:

‘There is the practice of silence and then there is silence’

Dr M Howard-Kishi


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