The importance of a high vibration in the workplace

The success or failure of any business is dependent on the people working within the business. How happy, how engaged, how enthusiastic are all of the people within the business and are they helping to move the business in the right direction. There are a multitude of books, courses, videos, and self-help speaker who can assist you
with people, business, and being successful. How many of them talk about vibration? Are you aware that whatever vibration you and your staff are vibrating at will dictate what experiences you attract to you and your

When we are happy, enthusiastic and in joy we in what is known as a high vibrational state, where we attract to ourselves success, happiness, fulfilment, and anything we desire. When we are angry, sad, anxious, or depressed we are in what is known as a low vibrational state, where we attract to ourselves further unhappiness, sadness, and loss. We have all heard someone say “Why does this keep happening to me, why does everything keep going
wrong” – this is because they are experiencing emotions that are keeping them in a low vibrational state and they are attracting to themselves more sadness and loss. Just imagine for a moment, if you or anyone within your business were in a place where the emotions you or they are experiencing are resulting in a low vibration. What would you or the people within the business be attracting?
It wouldn’t be high sales, big targets, and success. It would be sadness and loss. It will have
an effect on the business.

I have seen this myself first-hand with an employee within my own business. Their emotions, and hence their vibration was always up and down. Some days their emotions and vibration would be high, and they would produce amazing work, but on other days their emotions and vibration would be low. It was on those days when their vibration was low, that would start attracting loss, and this ultimately began to affect the business. This vibration of attracting loss got to the stage where it caused business to be lost and clients to leave us, and unfortunately this employee had to leave the business.

It is vitally important that everyone within a business is keeping their vibration high as it will not only impact their own happiness, wellbeing, mental health, and performance; but that of the business.

How do we maintain a high vibration in the workplace? We practice a process called The SEJ that enables us to question any thought that causes our emotion to drop from joy, and our vibration to drop from its highest level.

Joy is our natural state.
Live in joy

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