Supporting students during Transition

According to the dictionary ‘Transition’ is defined as:

The process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another.’

In a government paper 1 it is stated that “Times of transition have been identified as critically important in developing and there are many transition points during this time, including the transition from primary to secondary school, to further and higher education or employment, from home to independent living.”

Many children and young people (and some adults) struggle with this transition from one phase to another. Why?  Because no one has taught them how. We are so focussed on external conditions we are not taught how to manage ourselves when we transition and move from one environment to another.

So how can we support these young people struggling with transition?  We focus on preparing them externally with knowledge and information sometimes overloading them with too much too soon.  The SEJ process is a simple to learn psychoeducational solution focussed 4 step process of self-enquiry that can be taught easily and applied immediately. The change in perspective happens internally regardless of what is happening outside.

This SEJ Process has been introduced to the foundation level university students in supporting them during this important phase of their life as a practical and valuable transferrable skill throughout the transition period. When these students were asked about variety of concerns regarding starting university, many noted general wellbeing and progressing through their university career as significant worries. The concerns expressed showed fearful thoughts and worries during this crucial transition period at university.

The research data has shown the 100% success rate that the SEJ has improved students experience in their first stage of HEI student life. But this is not the end of the story, many of these concerns expressed as qualitative data still follow many of us throughout our lives, whether it is about making new friends at new job or fitting into new office environment.  Many of us have concerns about our own career progression and whether we would be successful. Indeed, the SEJ process is a life long transferrable skill that can be practiced at whatever stage of our lives particularly at crucial moment at times of transition. If you would like to know more, please take a look at

Dr M Howard-Kishi


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