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It is important to us that everyone is able to access the SEJ, therefore our services are designed to meet everyone’s needs and budget.

If you are unsure of the service best suited to you simply contact us to arrange a free consultation and we will be happy to guide you.


Be Depression Free

This process works 100% of the time!

Giving you immediate relief from suffering. You will love the simplicity of the Process, bringing instant relief as you become Depression Free. 

Once you have applied the Process to your life you will have the power and the knowledge to remain Depression Free for the rest of your life!

Remember: You don’t have to live with Depression.
You don’t have to live with fearful thoughts and painful emotions.

You CAN and WILL be free from suffering.

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SEJ For Business

Whether your business is looking to address mental health issues, general wellbeing or you simply want your staff to smile more often, the SEJ offers the solution, one that will realise your company’s vision. We offer a simple easy to use process that can support your staff and bring your business to peak performance.

Personal and workplace empowerment is our business because ‘happy people are our business’.

We all know that when we are happy we are more open to life, we are productive and better able to manage situations as they arise; whether that’s a difficult client, a heavy workload or demanding role. As individuals make up your business it is essential they are happy so that your business can thrive, employees can reach their full potential and your company vision realised.

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SEJ For Education

We know as educators your focus is, and should be on educating the student, and we all know that a happy student is easier to educate, and therefore better able to reach their full potential. So how do we ensure a happy student in the classroom? This is where the SEJ comes in.

The SEJ is taught to both students and educators, and can also be made accessible to all setting staff and parents/carers. It is a process that is easily integrated into a teacher’s existing teaching style that supports not only the student but also how the teacher interacts with the student. Our simple, easy to use SEJ process provides immediate benefit and results in the moment. It has been used successfully within schools and universities, businesses, organisations, and healthcare for over 24 years.

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SEJ For Health

Look after your employees, customers, and company wellbeing with just one solution!

As organisations and businesses employing individuals working in the healthcare industry; we know that it is not always easy to support staff in maintaining the balance between helping those in their care and taking care of themselves.

By integrating the SEJ process into your teams communications and actions an employee, which is reflective of the organisation, is given the skills to self-manage. This in turn enables them to maintain their own integrity whilst at the same time meeting their client’s or patients’ needs.

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