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As organisations and businesses employing individuals working in the healthcare industry; we know that it is not always easy to support staff in maintaining the balance between helping those in their care and taking care of themselves.

By integrating the SEJ process into your teams communications and actions an employee, which is reflective of the organisation, is given the skills to self-manage. This in turn enables them to maintain their own integrity whilst at the same time meeting their client’s or patients’ needs.

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The SEJ is an innovative, evidence based, workplace wellness process, designed to ensure all staff help those in their care whilst taking care of themselves. This improves employee health and wellbeing whilst in the workplace and at home.

Our easy to use process delivered online or in person is learnt in less than 2 hours and can be applied immediately to the workplace.

With continued support delivered through online resources easily accessible to all.

This process is available to everyone within health services; Doctors, nurses, care workers and dentists through to all the support staff involved in patient care. 

Kingston University provides independent research and data on the SEJ

Kingston University, looking to support students during their transition to university chose to integrate the SEJ into the curriculum. Over a two year period data was collected to prove the effectiveness of the SEJ Process, enabling students to reach their full potential, show resilience, and become self empowered.

The pie chart  above shows the feedback from the most recent cohort indicating the 3 greatest areas of concern for students which the SEJ gave 100% improvement in.


The research data shows a 100% success rate in improving students’ experiences of student life, addressing successfully stressful thoughts and areas of concern after learning and practicing the SEJ Process.

This is based upon students who fully partook in the survey.

Healthy Employees Healthy Business

Employee Benefits

  • Removes stress at all levels of the organisation / business
  • Prevents mental health issues from developing
  • Addresses ongoing mental health issues
  • Improved physical health
  • Prompts changes in perception
  • Prompts positive behaviour
  • Positive changes in emotional wellbeing
  • Able to reach their full potential
  • Able to work cohesively
  • Ability to respond rather than react to situations
  • Ability to become self-reliant, self-motivated and resilient

Company Benefits

  • Reminder that the employees are the foundation of the business
  • Happy Employees
  • Reduces Customer Complaints
  • Increased productivity
  • Supports early intervention
  • Provide a productive and life-enhancing environment for individuals and clients
  • Addresses staff turnover
  • Addresses financial aspects of the business
  • Supports in cohesion at all levels
  • Supports government guidelines and legislation

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    Membership Plans

    Our membership plans are designed to support organisations of all sizes and budgets. We offer an all in one Training and Membership Plan or a Bespoke Plan to suit your individual requirements.


    Standard Plan

    The Standard Plan is a combined training and membership plan, providing immediate access to the core SEJ training modules and resources.

    Combined Training and Membership Plan:

    Training includes:

    • 5 On-demand SEJ training modules

    Membership Plan includes:

    • 6 months unlimited access to training modules for the whole organisation
    • 6 months live support for up to 10 employees per week via our Live On-line SEJ Practice Workshops
    • 6 months unlimited access to online resources
    • FREE newsletters, and updates
    • Facebook support group available
    • Normal price £3999.  Introductory price £999

    Normal price £3999

    Introductory £999

    Bespoke Plan

    A bespoke plan is ideal for organisations looking for CPD’s, Training, a Mental Health Package or Wellbeing events. With a tailored plan which can include the core SEJ Training Modules plus additional live or on-demand training modules specific to your organisation’s requirements.


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