Searching for Answers – Student shares her experience of realising a deep Truth

“I am willing to be open to the possibility and potential in the Truth”

Jacqueline Mary Phillips

One of the greatest joys working as an SEJ Trainer and Consultant is seeing how the process changes lives, right before my eyes. For those practicing the SEJ you will know the process reveals instant results, no waiting. Why? Because you are both the question and the answer. The SEJ simply shows you how to access the deeper dimension of Truth, where your answers can be found. Below is a statement given by a student, sharing her journey of looking for answers to questions, and how the Truth never fails.

I was putting a thought ‘I just want answers not the truth’ through the SEJ Process about a particular situation that actually involved my application of the SEJ Process… At step 2, the new inspired thought was ‘I just want the Truth not answers’.

To put it into context I have been putting several thoughts through the process about making a decision but felt I was not getting the answer I was looking for. More accurately I was only working through the process on the surface level. The other thing I have been doing inaccurately was to change or complicate the process… it is so important that you STICK TO THE PROCESS as given in the SEJ Worksheet instructions!

However, this time I sat with the SEJ Worksheet which I have used hundreds of times, to REALLY be with it and asked every question at each step out loud. Also, I focused on the Truth, not thoughts that passed through my mind, at each step with each question. At step 3 with evidence and mirrors I waited until truthful thoughts emerged and wrote it down.  I came upon a powerful truth that ‘I am not working with my SELF/Truth because I am not open to it’. I carried on with the mirror until a powerful realisation came ‘I am willing to be open to the possibility and potential in the Truth’.

Yes, it would have been ‘easier’ to have answers, but it would be limited to what my mind could produce which is from memory. The TRUTH on the other hand is expansive with unimagined potential, unlimited with possibilities mind cannot even comprehend.

The more I sat with the Truth the more it revealed itself and the more it revealed itself the more I was open to receiving it. This still carries on as I am writing this blog. The more I was open to the Truth the more answers I received so the truth I received at step 2 ‘I just want the Truth not answers’ became a catalyst for the truth to bring forth answers.

It struck me deeply how powerful the Truth is and how truly empowering and profound the SEJ Process is. The only work that was required of me was to be open to it, to surrender to the majesty and simplicity of the process with focus and dedication, being willing to be open to the possibilities and potential in the Truth which surely will reveal to me when I am truly ready.May you find joy and empowerment in receiving your own Truth through the SEJ Process. 

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