Questioning is the key to finding solution

I once taught a student who asked many many questions in the class. He asked questions of
varying complexity from “What does this mean?” “Can you explain that again?” “How do I
do such and such?” etc etc…

Before I studied the SEJ Process, these kind of queries from students used to trigger
reactions in me such as “Doesn’t he listen to me?” “Why are they asking again?” possibly
“maybe I am not good at teaching this?”… I used to believe THEY were the cause of MY

Putting these thoughts through the SEJ revealed that they were all about MY perception,
about how I felt, not about the query itself or why they were actually asking these
questions. I then asked deeply within “why are they asking me these questions?” i.e. I was
interested in the truthful SOLUTION to what I perceived to as a PROBLEM.

This revelation (truth) has changed my attitude to ‘questioning’ which forms the basis of the
SEJ, in questioning the limiting beliefs/thoughts. This also revealed to me the students’
dedication and focus on their studies that they wanted to know more. The earlier student,
in particular, showed great dedication in aiming to understand his ‘subject’ and has been a
source of inspiration to most of the staff.

When we ‘question’ we have an innate desire to know more, to understand deeply so we
‘get’ it at a different level. Questioning is such an important skill in all aspects of life but
even more valuable in education. In recent years my colleagues and I have noticed many
current crops of learners want “answers” rather than finding the way to the answer.
Questioning is the first step to finding the answers.

I endeavour to encourage students to ask me as many questions as possible including
challenging what I have taught them. ALL progress or innovations come from someone
asking “Is there a better way to do this?” “What if I try it this way?”.

This is how I started on my own SEJourney by asking myself “Is there a better way for me to
live?” then later on “how can I contribute more to life?”

What is the question that is burning inside of you? What is the Truth you are looking for?
Apply the SEJ on any limiting thoughts stopping you questioning what’s in your mind, and
find your own empowering answers. Then begin your Self Empowerment Journey! Find out
more from

Dr M Howard-Kishi

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