Poem: The Present Moment – The Power that is NOW

The realisation that this moment is all that I have is so freeing.
I no longer have a loyalty to the past, to my mistakes and limitations.
I can greet each moment and live it fully.
I am no longer bound by the past, the prison of a memory that taunts and teases the moment, seeing in it only lack
and loss.
How can there be any lack or loss when the moment is so abundant, filled with life.
There is no judgment in this moment for there is only the ability to see life expressing itself.
The merging of the self with life is the gift of knowing self fully, it is the awakened state – no longer tied to a past or
projecting a hopeful or fearful future.
The present moment is what I have always been searching for,
and now that I have found it, I can live it.
Now, I am alive.     

Jacqueline Mary Phillips

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