Mental Health Prevention and Early Intervention

There is currently another pandemic in the world, affecting the mental health of many
people of all ages. The charity MIND claims that 1 in 6 people report experiencing a
common mental health problem (like anxiety and depression) in any given week in England.
I have heard school age children saying they are stressed; it has almost become the norm
that we get stressed…
The key is to provide education and empowerment to everyone before mental health
becomes an issue. We teach children to take care of physical aspects such as nutrition and
exercise. We visit dentists and opticians to maintain healthy teeth and eyesight. When I visit
my dentist, they show me how to take care of my teeth and maintain a healthy oral
environment. However, they all require external agencies. It is the same with our mental
health; teaching about mental health is important but giving them tools to maintain their
own without the need to rely on others is surely more empowering and long lasting.
In an article under ‘Prevention Resources and Tools’, the Mental Health Foundation writes
“By providing the right information, guidance and support in childhood and adolescence,
the chances of developing mental health problems can be reduced for millions of people
over a lifetime – with enormous benefits to the people directly affected, along with their
families, friends and the communities they live in”.
In another blog I wrote earlier ‘Should Wellbeing and Mental Health Strategies be
Mandatory in Education?’ I also commented about the success of integrating the SEJ as a
professional and academic skill “…it was not because of the need to address their state of
mental health rather it was to acquire a lifelong transferrable skill which they can take
beyond their university life into employment”.
The time to just talk about mental health is over, now is the time to empower and equip our
young people, providing early intervention with this life enhancing tool. The SEJ is a simple
easy to learn process anyone can learn easily and apply immediately after they have learnt
it. It helps an individual spot the signs of mental illness and address the problems before
they become overwhelming to the individual and the need for external help arises. I invite
you to join me in providing the SEJ as a powerful empowering tool to keep our mental
health in tip top condition so this pandemic will become a thing of the past.
Dr M Howard-Kishi

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