Joy in the workplace.

Today I read a wonderful blog written by Alex Liu from the Harvard Business Review:

This blog was all about the benefits that joy in the workplace can bring, and Alex makes a wonderful reference to People intrinsically seek joy. And joy connects people more powerfully than almost any other human experience.”  What a wonderful truth, that in a world where we feel more and more disconnected and, in many cases lonelier, that joy can connect us all.

The blog goes on to talk about “joy gap” at work. Nearly 90% of respondents from a 2018 survey said that they expect to experience a substantial degree of joy at work, yet only 37% report that such is their actual experience.

From this we know that joy brings us closer together and that there are huge benefits of joy but only 37% of people experience this joy.

So how do we all experience joy? It’s so unbelievably simple – we just question the thoughts that take us away from joy.

This is exactly what the SEJ Process enables us all to do.

So here at the SEJ – “Happy people are our business” – Check out our business page at
to find out how your business can become a happy business.

Live in joy


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