Is there an easy way to stop me being stressed?

The answer to this question is yes. All we need to do is question our thoughts, the thoughts that cause us to “feel” stressed.

I could write pages and pages of information on how, why, and what to do with stress, but for me it just comes down to questioning the thoughts that we believe that lead us to experience stress.

The SEJ is a simple to learn and simple to use process of enquiry, that enables us to question our thoughts.

I have experienced for myself situations where I have been in a state of stress and fear with work for weeks at a time. I have then practiced the SEJ process and straight away I am returned to a place of joy.

I have witnessed people go from a place of hating their boss and being ready to hand their notice in on the spot, to practicing the SEJ and being in a place of joy with their boss and their job.

The SEJ process is really that powerful.

So, what’s stopping you. Do you want to return to a place of joy?

You can click on this link  to find out more and join us to learn about the SEJ for FREE.

Live in joy, not in stress.


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