Is it better to work hard or work joyfully?

We are told from an early age that we must work hard to succeed, and I think we all
recognise the need to put in the effort, to work hard, and get results.
I’m not for a second saying that we shouldn’t put in the effort and go to great lengths to

Wouldn’t it be better to be working joyfully?

A lot of us spend parts of our working life under pressure. Pressure to hit deadlines,
pressure to perform, pressure to succeed. Some of us spend large parts of our working life
under these pressures.
When this happens, we are listening to our thoughts telling us that: “I must get this right”,
“what will people think of me if I get this wrong”, “I don’t have enough time”, “I can’t
believe they expect me to do this”, and potentially tens, hundreds, or even thousands of
other thoughts.

When we are believing these thoughts, we may me succeeding, we may be working hard,
but we are working in a way that just isn’t enjoyable. We are working in a place of stress.
It’s no coincidence that people are feeling more stressed, more anxious, more depressed.
We are living in a world where we are all working harder than ever, but we are all stressed!
Again, wouldn’t it be better to be working joyfully?
“That’s easy for you to say, I’ve got deadlines to meet, pressure from my boss, and other
pressures outside of work to contend with” Is one of the many replies we get when the
question about working joyfully is asked.

We are also told from an early age that we must work hard. At school and from our parents,
the mantra of “You must work hard to succeed” is drilled into us. So, we believe that the
only route to be successful is to work hard.
How many people do you know of meet who work long hours, who “work hard”, and may
even seem successful? Most people I meet like this are stressed, tired, and have sacrificed
some element of their life that they enjoy (Family life, sport, hobby) for this “success”
The irony of it is, is that it is simple to work joyfully. All we need to do is question the
thoughts and beliefs that are preventing us from working joyfully. We can accomplish more,
more work, more success when we work in joy rather than in stress, and the quality of this
work far surpasses that of the one working hard.
The SEJ is the process that enables you to question your thoughts and return you to a place
of joy.
My question to you is – Are you working joyfully?

If you aren’t then practice the SEJ.
If you’d like more information on how the SEJ can support you in your business, please go to
the SEJ For Business section of the website at
If you haven’t already, I encourage you to read my blog in the business section of News
entitled “The Ripple Effect” where I talk more about my own experiences of working hard
and working joyfully.

Live in Joy!

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