Is everyone else happy at work other than me?

I’ve spoken quite a lot in all my previous blogs around how we should be happy at work, as
this is our natural state of being and how many people aren’t happy.

We all generally think that people are having a better life than us, especially with the advent
of social media telling us all how great everyone else’s lives are.
I regularly speak to ex colleagues, friends, and people in general to see how they are and get
an insight into how they are feeling.

Today I spoke with 3 people who work for one of the largest companies in the world, a
company that has a range of expensive processes to help people be happy at work. Every
one of the people I spoke to were unhappy. For some of them it was work, some of them it
was work and things going on in their personal life.

If we look at their situation – they are all very highly paid individuals, working in a blue-chip
company, with a large support mechanism at their disposal and they are all still unhappy.
So, to answer the question at the start – no, not everyone is happy at work.
Some of them mentioned that they are looking for help outside of work but can’t get
appointments with GP’s or Counsellors.

There are many people like this who are unhappy at work. I’m reading in the news that
students are unhappy in their studies, and lots of people are unhappy in life.
Let’s stop this now, too many people are suffering.

The SEJ is a process that has been proved to work and help us return to a place of joy.
So, if you are someone who is feeling less than joy, go to
and find out how we can support you.

Live in joy.

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