How to stay happy in retirement

I was reading a report today showing that the retirement age in the UK could rise to over 70
within the next couple of decades.
This means that for some of us, especially the younger generations, we will be spending
more time at work before we can retire.
There will be many people dreading this as it means more years doing jobs that they don’t
like before they can reach the perceived promise land of retirement and a stress-free life.
Why does this have be the view that everyone takes?
Why do we have to accept that work isn’t fun, that it is stressful?
Why are we all wishing our years away until we retire?
Every day should be stress free and fun.
It is only the thoughts that we have about our jobs, our lives, and what goes on in our day
that can make us happy or unhappy.
Therefore, it doesn’t matter if we are working or retired. We can always be happy; we can
always be in joy.
So, practice the SEJ every day – question every thought that you have around work.
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Live in joy today, and don’t wait for some point in the future.

Live in joy

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