How to stay cool in the workplace

I think most of us are sweltering in the very hot temperatures we are experiencing here in the UK today. Across all the news channels and websites there are discussions around keeping workers and employees safe and monitoring their wellbeing in this heat. This makes absolute sense as we want to make sure everyone is ok in the extremes of the heat we are experiencing at the moment.

We rightly make sure that people are being taken care of in extreme conditions. In the workplace we also make sure that people have support if they are experiencing extremes of mental health concerns, such as anxiety, stress, or depression.

If we look at what was discussed in my last blog  entitled “Mind Health” I’d like to continue that theme in todays blog. If we look at mind health in the same way as we look at physical health, we don’t just want to take action when we are dealing with extremes. We need to be focused on our mind health at all times. If we can work with our mind health if we are feeling a little down or frustrated this not only prevents mind health deteriorating into more serious states such as stress or depression, but it enables us to return to a place of happiness and joy that means we are more productive and more able to deal with tasks at work – we perform better.

Again, if we are looking at what is happening today when the temperatures are extreme, we also have provisions in place if the workplace is just warm and not sweltering like today. We have shade, breaks, drinks breaks, fans, and air-conditioning.

With mind health we also have provisions to support us before things get extreme, and this is where the SEJ Process comes in.

We may well be at work today whilst some of our colleagues are away enjoying the sunshine on holiday. We are left behind at work dealing with the angry (and no doubt hot) customer, or having to do more work to cover the lucky souls on holiday. Our temperatures are rising and not just because of the heat. This is where we can use the SEJ Process in the moment to work on the thoughts that we are having about our colleagues enjoying the sun and us having to pick up their work, or the angry customer, or even our thoughts about the heat itself. We can stay cool, calm and collected even if the sun outside is causing a heatwave 🙂

That way we as employees stay cool, our customers are looked after and think we are cool, and it makes working in this heat ever so slightly more bearable.

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