How does procrastination affect productivity?

In one of my very first blogs I wrote about how I kept buying running trainers in the aim of getting fit but not really using them for running.

This got me thinking again about procrastination and how I still look for things to be perfect before acting, and how this can sometimes slow me down from achieving all the great things that I want to achieve.

From speaking to many people over the last couple of years I’ve realised that so many of us are affected by either “The time isn’t right, and I’ll do it tomorrow”, or “Once I get this bit right, I’ll be ready to launch my business/speak to a client/make a change”

This doesn’t just affect people in business, it can be all areas of our life. “I’ll ask that person out when I’ve lost a few more pounds”, “I’ll get married once I get the promotion”, “I’ll apply for the promotion once the summer is over”. The list is endless.

The point is that we are all waiting for something magical to happen before we take action. We should be taking action and then the magic happens.

I will always remember the story of a famous entrepreneur who before he was a success, didn’t have offices. To give the impression that he did he would arrange to meet customers in the reception of very impressive office. He would suggest ‘Lets meet somewhere else less stuffy than the office”

By doing this he convinced the customers that he had impressive offices before he was able to afford them.  So instead of waiting for the offices to get customers, he took action and got the customers first. Not having an office didn’t stop him.

If on the other hand you are waiting for something to happen, don’t let procrastination be a barrier to your dreams.

Practice the SEJ and find out the thought that we believe that is stopping us.

Live in joy


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