How do we support businesses to maintain performance and positive mental health?

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I found this Forbes article from last year highlighting some very interesting statistics around mental health:

  • 80% of CEOs believe that poor employee mental health negatively impacts worker productivity.
  • 94% of CEOs report having received mental health support themselves over the past year.
  • More than half of CEOs report that talking about mental health makes them a better leader (and nearly 90% of employees appreciate it)—even though 56% of them are concerned it might impact their credibility.
  • 92% of CEOs report that their companies have increased focus on mental health, as a result of the pandemic.

It’s clear from these statistics that people are struggling, yet at the same time we now realise the need to get support with mental health issues, and that poor mental health impacts performance.

Here at the SEJ we have a philosophy that when it comes to supporting businesses, we have one tool (The SEJ Process) that supports business with both performance and positive mental health. It absolutely should NOT be an either/or situation.

Our strapline here at the SEJ for Business is “Happy people are our business” as we are fully aware that we all perform better when we are happy.

The SEJ is process that will absolutely help with each of the points raised above, as the SEJ:

  • Returns you to positive mental health, which in turn improves performance.
  • Has supported people from all walks of life, including businesspeople for 25 years!
  • Provides individuals with a process that they can use themselves to support their own mental health.
  • Has been used in businesses for 25 years to support with mental health and performance.

Come and find out more about how we can help you at

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