How do I heal the past?

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I’ve spoken to many people over the years around how they can deal with an issue or an
event in the past that is causing them to feel sadness or grief today.
A common question that is asked is “How can I go back and deal with the issue?”

The answer to this is very simple: “We’ll build you a time machine, then we can go back and
solve the issue”.

That is the only way we are going to be able to “go back” and change things.
I know some people reading this might think I’m being a bit rude here, especially if the
event in the past was very traumatic for them, but the truth is that we cannot go back to the
What we can do is look at the thoughts that you are having NOW, and about the event in
the past.
The past has gone, so how can we go back. What we can do is look at what is happening

This is where the SEJ process comes in. When we practice the SEJ we can identify the
thoughts that cause us to feel less than happiness or joy, and we can move to a place of joy
in our life.

What is the issue that is causing you to feel unhappy, angry, sad, or even depressed?
Is it an issue at work?
Is it an issue in a relationship?
Is it an issue at school or university?
Is it an issue to do with money?
Is it an issue with a loved one?

In whatever area of your life the issue is, the SEJ can support you.

Live in joy

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