How do I find a job that makes me happy?

I did a quick calculation earlier, and I will be working another 38,000 or so hours before I
reach retirement age. That’s assuming 8 hours per day, 5 days a week.
Depending on how old you are, how many hours a week you work, and when you plan to
retire would define the number of hours you will be working.
You can spend those hours stressed, doing a job you don’t like, feeling like you should be
doing more, feeling underappreciated, and/or wishing you didn’t have to work.
What if you could just simply question the thoughts that you have about your current job
that make feel the way you do?
The thoughts that we have can be general thoughts such as “Why do we work 9-5”, “Why is
work boring”, “Am I in the right job”
The thoughts can be around your job, your boss, your colleagues, or anything around your
working environment.
When we think these thoughts, we experience life in a certain way.
We spend our whole life trying to change what is going on outside of us.
Nothing will change until we change the thoughts that are going on inside of us.
It isn’t the job. It’s the thoughts you are having about the job that is the issue.
Address these first, the rest will take care of itself.
The SEJ is a process that teaches you to question your thoughts. You can start to learn
about how it can help you for FREE at
Let’s stop being sad and stressed, lets live in joy!
Live in joy

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