How do I deal with grief?

I spoke in one of my previous blogs about how the SEJ supported me with dealing with the
recent death of my father. (
I’d like to expand on this as over the last week as we’ve began to deal with the Funeral
Directors, going through photos of dad for the order of service, and all the other things that
we have sort out after the death of a loved one. Over this last week, dad’s passing has
begun to hit me more as I guess I’m now processing his death.
I’ll be honest I had a couple of days this week that we could describe as a bit of a wobble.
The thing that was clear to me was even with this “wobble” the SEJ process gave me a route
out of grief, a ladder so to speak.
Yes, I went into grief, and the feelings of uncertainty, sadness, and pain. BUT I didn’t stay

The SEJ has brought me back to place of joy where I can remember my dad, and smile about
the good times, without falling into the pit of despair that can happen (and did happen to
me when I lost my mum)
This is a short blog as I don’t need to say anymore.
The SEJ does help you with grief. I’ve been there, done, and got the proverbial t-shirt so to

Sign up to find out about the SEJ via the website and begin your journey to joy. A journey
where even some of life’s saddest events don’t stop you reaching the destination of joy!

Live in joy

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