How can I reach my full potential?

I was recently listening to an audio book and in this book the author was talking
about the power of the human body. The author asked the question – “If you break your
arm who fixes this for you?”. The author went on to explain that the common answer to this
question is naturally “I go to the hospital, and the doctor or nurse will put it in a cast and fix
the problem”. This however isn’t entirely true. At the hospital you will be put in a cast, or in
the case of a badly broken arm you may be operated on, but all this process does is create
the optimal environment for healing. It is your own body that then takes over the process of
healing and repairs the break over the next couple of months. YOU have healed your
broken arm, not the hospital.

As someone who has spent many years looking to be “fixed” mentally and physically
by a range therapists, hypnotists, self-help books, audiobooks, courses, and as you may
have read in one of my previous blogs; buying lots of running trainers to get fit without
using them for running – It wasn’t until I woke up to the realisation that it is only ME that can make the
changes in my life, that true change began to happen. Don’t get me wrong, I have learned
something from pretty much everyone I have seen, every course that I’ve been on, or every
book that I’ve read. BUT, in exactly the same way as the hospital creates the correct
environment for healing and the body does the healing, this accrued knowledge was
creating the environment for me to change but I was the one that needed to put the work

As someone who has studied the SEJ and has been given the valuable and powerful
knowledge to change my life using this process. True change only came when I actually used
the process. As simple as this sounds I was always still waiting for that bit of knowledge that
would ‘Fix’ me. “If I study another SEJ session with Jacqueline, I will find that bit of
knowledge, that key to fix me”. The truth is that I’d learned all I needed to change my life in
the first session many years ago and if I’d had just applied and used the SEJ process, my life
would have begun to change there and then. Now that I’ve taken responsibility for my life
and my happiness and I am actually applying what I’ve learned, the positive changes have
been huge!

It’s very much like going to the gym, paying a personal trainer to create a fitness plan
for you and then staring at it for 3 hours a day. You then say “this isn’t working” and then
repeat the process with another trainer and stare at the plan for 4 hours a day. Yes, I know
this sounds a bit far-fetched but isn’t this similar to how many of us approach life. If we
follow the plan and do the exercises we’ll get the results.
As an SEJ Consultant and teacher, I always start with telling my clients that “I’m not
here to fix you”. You get a range of responses from disappointment, to fear, to sometimes
irritation that I’m not going to fix them. However, when the realisation comes that through
the SEJ much like the hospital, I am creating the optimal environment for them to change
the part of their life that isn’t working for them, change really begins to happen. By applying
the SEJ process, they get results. When they apply to SEJ, their life changes.

It’s not me who fixes them, it is the person who makes the changes by applying the
SEJ moment to moment, day to day.
As the great Tony Robbins says “Knowledge isn’t power, it is POTENTIAL power! – It’s
is only when we apply the knowledge that we get the results” On that note I’m off to lace up
running trainers and go for a run!

Live in joy!

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