How can I improve customer services?

In an organisation where there is interaction with customers, we all know the importance of
looking after these customers. There are many competitors looking to take your customer’s
business, and if you get customer service right you stand a much better chance of winning
and retaining business.
We have all dealt with businesses where the customer service has been amazing and
businesses where it has been poor.
I think it’s safe to imagine that most of us reading this article will have spent hours hanging
on the phone waiting for an agent to become available, and then when the agent does
finally become available, they don’t seem that interested in your issue.
The companies that get customer service right, will invest time and money making sure that
everyone involved in speaking with a customer is trained.
This training will typically involve learning about the culture of a business, learning about
interacting with customers, and learning how to deal with complaints.
Not all companies have five and six figure budgets to train their staff this way.
This is where the SEJ comes in. Not only does the SEJ process support with customer service
as it enables every individual to question the beliefs that they have about their customers,
but the way it is offered to businesses means that packages start with just a small monthly
fee, to meet everyone’s budget.
To find out more about how the SEJ Process can support your business and improve
customer service go to
Our aim is to bring the joy back into work. I know when I speak to customer support in a
business and the individual seems happy and cares about me, I feel valued as a customer.
Check out our website today.
Live in joy

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