How can I end my suffering?

“Self Empowerment is the realisation of the True Self beyond the mind. This realisation puts you in touch with a Self that is free of limitations, free of fearful thoughts and feelings, free to respond to life rather than react, free to reach your full potential.

The Self Empowerment Journey – SEJ is a process that takes you to this realisation.”


Jacqueline Mary Phillips    

The SEJ is a process that once learnt and practiced will relieve you of your suffering, finding freedom from fearful thoughts and painful emotions. Sustained fearful thoughts and painful emotions can cause stress and mental health issues which can lead to physical pain and disease; stress can become a way of life. The SEJ shows you that empowerment can equally become a way of life, and that the choice is yours

We only suffer because we believe our thoughts, and once believed they impact us emotionally, physically, and through the unconscious actions we take. We make unconscious choices and repeat patterns of behaviour and thought that limit us, which in turn limits our experience of life. Our world can become “small” as we withdraw from life, deeper into a self that perpetuates our suffering.

As all suffering begins and ends in the mind, freedom from suffering can only come if we understand how to work with the mind. The SEJ Process answers the how. It is simple and easy to use, understood and practiced by children and adults alike.

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