How can I deal with stress at work?

I have been speaking with quite a few people over the last couple of months, and all of
them tell me they are stressed with work. Be it the never-ending video calls, the balancing
of work and childcare, the fear COVID, the fear of what will come once the furlough scheme
ends, or just the feeling of being overworked.
Right now, most people that I’m speaking to are suffering. I know we are going through an
unprecedented time at the moment, and there is a lot of uncertainty out there, but why is
everyone so stressed about work. At a time when there is huge range of resources to
support people. A lot of people I speak to work in organisations where there are wellness
programs to support them, and yet everyone still feels stressed or they are burning out.
I believe it is because we aren’t always looking at the core of the issue. The thoughts the
individual is having about the situation. This is the cause of the stress, otherwise everyone
would be stressed. Look at it this way, I have met people who say they thrive on stressful
situations, and other people who are stressed at the same situation. I’m not saying either
one is right or wrong, just that both of them believe different thoughts about the situation.
The situation is still the same.
So, to deal with stress at work, or anywhere for that matter we must first recognise the
thoughts we are having that cause the stress, and then work from there.
Now I know this can be difficult for many of us, as although we recognise the stress in our
actions, our bodies, and our emotions; it can sometimes be harder to recognise the thought
or thoughts causing our stress.
This is where the SEJ comes in. A simple 4 step process that enables us to recognise these
thoughts that cause stress, and then enables us to end the stress in the moment. This
returns us to a place of joy!
It’s as simple as using the SEJ. It works, and it works 100% of the time.
You can find out how and why here
Don’t live a stressed life.
Live in joy

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