How best to live your life?

In the younger years of life, you may seek to find enjoyment for yourself, taking all that life has to offer and revelling
in those experiences. In later years, especially if those later years bring to you the experience of loss, maybe the loss
of a loved one; you may question what brings you joy.
Loss or age bringing with it the accumulation of experiences, can cause us to turn ourselves around, a turning from
the false self which we have been identified with, to the True Self. Where we look to give to life, give joy rather than
take from life to create our own joy. Such experiences may bring to you a strong desire to no longer take from life,
but rather to give to it, but give what? We each have within us the potential to create joy, firstly within ourselves and
then within others, we each have something to offer. It is in this offering that we experience joy within ourselves as
we offer joy to others. Don’t we all love to see joy in the one receiving what we have to offer, whatever the offering
might be?
My daughter, whilst in primary school, having experienced the loss of a loved one to cancer, and interested in
science was very clear that she wanted to find a cure for cancer, she is interested in research and cancer of the
blood. Some of you may think this is just a passing phase, 2 ½ years on and she’s more passionate than ever about
this, yet if she should change her mind this is OK, but look, look what happened; loss naturally brought her to a place
of questioning.
If you are open, loss (including the loss of time as you age), will bring this to you also, loss of a job, health,
relationship, in whatever form it takes, loss can be a doorway to finding yourSelf, a self that seeks only ever to give
to life and never to take from it. In the finding of this one, you will have found the Truth within, and the gift you have
to share. But for many as time passes, they forget the loss, not in memory, but they forget the emotional pull of the
loss; ‘time heals’ but time also causes one to forget and so although the doorway to the Self remains open you no
longer choose to walk through it. Your life continues to be one of fulfilling the egos needs rather than giving, indeed
the ego can become stronger as it now fears its immortality, and seeks to ‘be safe’, but for some they move through
the door of service and giving.
I am writing this as I sit and reflect on how many people are still taking from life, such taking causes loss for others,
the ripple effect even if not seen goes on and on. Imagine if we were all to give, give what we can, when we can
wherever we can. Maybe this article will cause you to reflect.

For many the giving of joy would be in their chosen career, maybe you don’t enjoy your job but enjoy the financial
reward, so still seeking to fulfil the needs of the self, the younger self, the one that believes money is the key to
happiness and feeling safe! What if you were to STOP and simply decide that your life is worth more than this, how
little time we truly have and yet with every passing day we make excuses as to why we need to give to ourselves
(and yet in a way that limits us), when we could be giving to others.
There are many examples of people that chose to give to others, lived a life of dedication and service, and this
became their life, Mother Theresa, Ghandi, Jesus. Oh, but now the mind is full of story, ‘yes but’ it goes ‘they were
the exceptions to the rule, enlightened and special people, that’s not me’. But what if it is you, what if giving became
such a powerful gift of love to yourself, the love, the fulfilment, the purpose that you have always been searching
for. This does not mean that we give to receive, but naturally through giving we are more open to receiving the gift
of knowing our True Self, a doorway opens.
Jacqueline Mary x

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