Happy Workers are more productive.

This week I found an article on the internet while doing some research into the how employee’s moods affect their performance. It was a report from the World Economic Forum outlining research showing that the happier we are, the better we perform.

“How are you feeling? Your answer to this deceptively simple question will likely determine how productive you will be at work today, according to new research. A team at the University of Oxford’s Saïd Business School has produced evidence of what many people have long suspected, happier people do a better job”
This echoes what we have been saying here at the SEJ for a long time and is the strap line for our business – “Happy people are OUR business”.
When we are happy, we perform better, and our business performs better.

For some reason, and I have no idea when this first happened, we all gave up on the idea that work should be fun. We all instead came to think of work as something we had to do and pay the bills. Something that we need to get through, starting for most people on a Monday morning, and after 5 days of effort we get to the magical weekend where we can forget about work for 2 days and have some fun.

I know not all of our working weeks are the same, and I also know that some people do love their job and are happy, but I also know that there are a lot of people out there who aren’t happy at work and aren’t in a state of joy when they do their job. Who said work shouldn’t be fun?

This is where the SEJ process comes in. When we learn and use this process, we can identify the thoughts that are preventing us from being happy and move to place of happiness. As employees, work becomes fun, enjoyable, and we can reach our full potential. As employers, work also becomes fun, and enjoyable, and at the same time more
productive and successful.

We can continue to see work as a chore and accept not being happy, or we can move to a place of happiness. After all, who doesn’t want to be happy. You can find more information on how the SEJ can help you and your business be a happier more productive business, by going to our SEJ For Business page:

Here’s to being happy.

Live in joy
Elliot 21/06/21

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