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The SEJ for Education

Educational settings are today tasked not only with educating students, but with improving mental health, empowering our young people, supporting parents and meeting educators needs. We know that it is not always easy to support everyone involved in maintaining the balance between achieving high academic achievement for the students and overall happiness and wellbeing.

The mental health crisis in our classrooms is ever growing, with children and young people experiencing poor mental health creating one of the biggest challenges facing educators today. Complex issues such as a lack of funding, availability of specially trained staff, and access to Emotional Wellbeing Services, to name just a few, all amount to an uphill climb; a climb educational settings are consistently being asked to make.

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The SEJ for Education

We know as educators your focus is, and should be on educating the student, and we all know that a happy student is easier to educate, and therefore better able to reach their full potential. So how do we ensure a happy student in the classroom? This is where the SEJ comes in.

The SEJ is taught to both students and educators, and can also be made accessible to all setting staff and parents/carers. It is a process that is easily integrated into a teacher’s existing teaching style that supports not only the student but also how the teacher interacts with the student. Our simple, easy to use SEJ process provides immediate benefit and results in the moment. It has been used successfully within schools and universities, businesses, organisations, and healthcare for over 24 years.

The SEJ is an innovative, evidence based wellness process, designed to ensure everyone in the setting reach their full potential.

Our easy to use process delivered online or in person is learnt in less than 2 hours, can be applied immediately, with continued support delivered through online resources easily accessible to all.

Kingston University provides independent research and data on the SEJ

Kingston University, looking to support students during their transition to university chose to integrate the SEJ into the curriculum. Over a two year period data was collected to prove the effectiveness of the SEJ Process, enabling students to reach their full potential, show resilience, and become self empowered.

The pie chart  above shows the feedback from the most recent cohort indicating the 3 greatest areas of concern for students which the SEJ gave 100% improvement in.


The research data shows a 100% success rate in improving students’ experiences of student life, addressing successfully stressful thoughts and areas of concern after learning and practicing the SEJ Process.

This is based upon students who fully partook in the survey.

Student Benefits

  • Prevents mental health issues from developing
  • Addresses ongoing mental health issues
  • Improved physical health
  • Prompts changes in perception
  • Prompts positive behaviour
  • Positive changes in emotional wellbeing
  • Able to reach their full potential
  • Able to work cohesively
  • Ability to respond self manage
  • Ability to become self-reliant, self-motivated and resilient
  • Improved self awareness and confidence
  • Develops emotional intelligence
  • Promotes self responsibility
  • Develops enquiry based learning
  • Reduces barriers in seeking support
  • Develops employability / soft skills
  • Fosters collaborative learning

Settings Benefits

  • Happy and engaged Students/Pupils
  • Improvement in academic achievements
  • Supports early intervention
  • Reduces external referrals
  • Provide a productive and life-enhancing environment for educators, students/pupils
  • Address student absenteeism 
  • Addresses staff turnover
  • Addresses financial aspects of the setting
  • Supports in cohesion and inclusion at all levels of the setting
  • Supports government guidelines and legislation
  • Improved class room behaviour (less dropouts, suspensions, detentions)
  • Reduces attainment gap

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