Does your job bring you joy?

Now that we are moving out of lockdown there is a lot of talk about us moving to something
called ‘hybrid working”. This means that for some of us instead of being in the office or at
work 5 days a week, we’ll be moving to something of a hybrid. Some days at work and some
days working from home.
I know that this won’t apply to everyone, as many jobs can’t be done from home, however
many people will find that this new hybrid way of working will bring a better work life
balance. This is potentially very good as we get the benefits of being at work; seeing people,
collaborating, and spending time with our workmates. At the same time, we get more time
at home, less travel, more time with the family, and more time to do the things we enjoy.
All of this in my opinion is a good thing. That being said there are many people out there
dreading going back to work, as they have come accustomed to working from home. Others
who want to be at work, as working from home doesn’t suit them.
Either way, many people will still not be happy with this new hybrid working arrangement.
It goes back to the question I asked at the start; “Does your work bring you joy?”
Think about it. If it doesn’t, hybrid working, normal working, or any sort of working, you are
still going to be in a place less than joy.

So, here’s another question. Instead of “Does your work bring you joy?” Shouldn’t we be
asking “Do you bring joy to your work?”
If you are in a place of joy, you take this to work, you take this to your home life, you are
joyous in everything you do.
We as a society think this concept that I’ve just suggested as a bit silly. We need to work
hard, make money, be successful, and work ourselves to the point that we dread going to
work, get stressed, and generally be unhappy. This is taken as normal.
When did we stop enjoying ourselves? When did we stop believing that we can’t be joyous,
and work can’t be joyous?
It’s when we began believing the thoughts in our head.
I’m telling you now, our natural state is that of joy. We’ve just forgotten how to be like that
in every moment.
That’s why I practice the SEJ. It takes me back to joy.

So, if any of you reading this want to live in joy. Try the SEJ. You can begin the process for
free at
As I like to sign off all my blogs, come on let’s all “Live in joy”

Live in joy

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