Does my business need help?

Every business owner out there will have a mental image of how they want their business to
be. How smoothly they want everything to run, and how successful they would like
everything to be.
More often than not, it doesn’t always run that smoothly and business experience issues
that prevent them from reaching their highest potential.
Does your business experience any of these?

  • Poor morale within the workplace.
  • Consistently missing project deadlines.
  • Poor customer service
  • High staff turnover
  • Procrastination from staff
  • Financial challenges.
    Firstly, there are going to be situations where the issues we’ve highlighted can be caused by
    a poor business plan, a lack of understanding of the marketplace, external factors such as a
    recession, or even just the right people but they are in the wrong job.
    If we still feel though that we have all the right constituent pieces for the business, but we
    are still experiencing these issues, then it’s time to look at the beliefs that individuals within
    the business hold. These beliefs will have an impact on the business.
    If we take poor staff morale for example, what are the beliefs about staff morale within
    your business? There may be a common belief or beliefs across everyone, or it may just be
    the beliefs of one individual that is causing an issue across the business.
    This is where the SEJ comes in. We are experienced in working with businesses to help them
    identify the beliefs that are leading to challenges within the business.
    You can find more information here
    Our goal is to enable all businesses to be a success. We do this by identifying the beliefs that
    prevent us from living in joy.
    To find out more about what we mean by this, go ahead, and click the link.
    Live in joy

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