Do we need to teach about mental health in schools?

I was reading an article written by a young person who says “…Students are told that exams
will decide their future but are not equipped with the tools to cope with the huge amount of
stress which bears down on them. …The only way this will change is if we educate them, just
like physical health is taught; a compulsory lesson taught within our schools would make all
the difference. To know about mental health is a life skill and could help young people get
help when they need it or prevent this from getting any worse.” 1
I would go one step further and suggest that they need to be taught not just about mental
health but vibrational health because according to Albert Einstein: “Everything in Life is
Vibration “. The SEJ process teaches us those thoughts and emotions are triggered by the
outside stimuli and that the vibration we emit determines our experiences.
We do not need to teach them about mental health because that is simply one aspect of our
being and how we experience life, we need to teach them about how we function as four
bodies and how we experience empowered life and reach our full potential. How? Educate
and equip them with the SEJ process, a simple and easy to learn four step process that once
learnt can be applied immediately with an instant result. Do you need proof it works? I have
shared with you in other blogs how integrating the SEJ process as a transferrable skill has a
100% successful impact on the overall wellbeing of foundation level students. Please get in
touch via website at and I can share with you how
we integrated the process into the academic skills module.
Dr M Howard-Kishi


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