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On this page you will find information on sponsoring an educational setting.
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SEJ Transition and Employability

This video is a presentation that was done at Kingston University demonstrating the effectiveness of the SEJ in supporting students to transition in to university and then out of university and into employment.
We also cover the benefits of the SEJ certificate in supporting students find employment

Sponsoring an Education Setting
Click on the image above to find out more about
sponsoring an educational setting and how this can
support your business with its CSR goals.

How the SEJ Process supports educational
settings to meet government legislation
Click on the image above to read how the SEJ
Process will enable educational settings to meet
government legislation for supporting
the wellbeing of students
and pupils.

Research data from Kingston University
demonstrating the value of the SEJ being taught
in an educational setting

A recent blog on what Corporate Social
Responsibility(CSR) means, and how sponsoring
an education setting can help your business reach
its CSR goals.

A blog from Dr Kishi from Kingston University
entitled “Why use the SEJ in Education”