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SEJ Step 2 – Videos to support you with step 2 of the SEJ

“If your thoughts are opposed to love you will never know who you are.”
“If you’re feeling joy, love, happiness it shows your thoughts are more in keeping with who you are.”
“Vibrational alignment simply means your thoughts are joyful when you think them.”
“When your thoughts have achieved vibrational alignment and you then act upon them, you will reach your full potential.”
“Effortless action means you’re in touch with Truth.”

SEJ Step 3 – Videos to support you with step 3 of the SEJ

“Never speak of the old story again”
“Speaking is creating, stop recreating the past”
“Silence creates, start creating your future”
“Speak only when spoken to”
“Sitting in silence”

SEJ Core Teachings

“You believe the experience which reinforces the belief, change the belief change the experience.”
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Vibrational Emotional Scale

“You are not your emotions”
“Your feelings are a barometer to life, they show you how connected or disconnected from Truth you are”
“To I am willing only to experience joy”
“I chose Truth”
“Everything that I am is experienced at the highest vibrational frequency”

The SEJ and Depression

“The SEJ and Depression”
“The SEJ and Self Harm”
“The SEJ and Recurring Depression”
“The SEJ and Anxiety”
“The SEJ and Joy”