A Process to live a life of joy, all you need to do is use it

I have built up an impressive collection of running trainers over the last couple of years and I
wear them all the time as I find them comfortable. I think I must be up to at least 10 pairs
now of expensive, super designed, and comfortable running trainers of which I’m very
proud. However, as my beautiful and patient girlfriend always points out to me – “Why do
you keep buying more pairs of running shoes when you don’t use them for running?”
Here in lies the problem, and hence the title of this blog. You see every time I buy a pair of
(normally very expensive) running trainers it’s with the sole purpose of getting fit and losing
some of that excess weight that I keep promising myself that I’ll lose – starting next Monday
of course! This pair of trainers will be THE pair that kick starts my new life of energy, fitness,
and a body like Anthony Joshua.

The trouble is I never use them for running or getting fit, they are just very comfortable to
wear to drive to buy some chocolate or wine, or to walk to the fish and chip shop.
I think we can all see the problem here!! – Now if I were to put them on and go for a walk or
a run, and maybe started repeating this 3 times a week, or even every day. Maybe, just
maybe my goals of energy, health and a body like Anthony Joshua might become closer to
reality. Well, there would be no maybe, I would start moving pretty rapidly (and
comfortably) towards these goals.

I was very lucky to begin learning the SEJ many years ago, and every time I gain more insight
into the SEJ I’d tell myself “I’ll start using this on Monday”. When I started using the SEJ I
told myself, I will begin to live a life of freedom and joy, free from limiting beliefs and fearful
thoughts that rule most of our everyday lives.
In the same way as I use my trainers, knowing the SEJ is not going to get me to my
destination anytime soon unless I use it. After all the SEJ is a wonderfully simple 4 step
process that when used moment to moment will bring you a life of freedom and joy. In fact,
the SEJ is as simple as tying my shoelaces, going outside and putting one foot in front of the
Here’s to the wonderful life that comes with daily movement and using the SEJ moment to

Live in joy.

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